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Reversible Micro USB cable

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  • MaterialPE, ABS
  • Size2 * 1 * 100 cm
  • Weight25 g
  • Payment TermsT/T

[JnK Science Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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│ DESCRIPTION │ Reversible MICRO USB & Braille Micro USB 

All Android devices, external batteries, Bluetooth headsets, etc. require the use of a micro-USB cable to charge. A great standard plug because of its universal applications, but the plug has always been asymmetrical, almost trapezoidal, in shape. You always have to make sure you're plugging it in the right way. Every. Single. Time.


  •  High graded secification
    - Length : 1 meter (3.3 ft)
    - Wiring : More wiring in our products means faster charging and faster data.(16 strands vs 10 and 12 data vs 7)
    - Double-shielded USB and micro-USB sockets prevents disconnection and short-outs for improved durability and safety.

  - Added braille features on the cable to allow those that have sight issues to easily identify their Lightors Cable


  •  Strict safety examinations
    - Durability test: 200 grams pull test at 30 times a minute at a 60 degree angle and tested over 1500 times without any wear or tear.
    - Temperature test: No errors occurred during a 6 hour test performed at 80˚C (176˚F).


Like existing standard USB cables, only one side of the internal plug can be used for data/power transmission. This applies to micro-USB cables as well. Hence the need to plug it in the a certain way. Lightors Cable consists of identical transmission points on two sides that are connected and symmetrical. The final product takes on a hexagonal shape that is symmetrical on the outside as well as the inside, which is why the cable can be plugged in either way.  

There are over 2 billion smartphone users around the world. Of this, the ratio of Android to iPhone users is approximately 8:2. This doesn't even begin to account for smartphone accessories that average 10 times more than this. This means that for every average smartphone user, they have 10 accessories each : all of which most likely use a micro-USB cable. That's quite a lot of cables out there all with the same issue. 


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Reversible Micro USB cable

Reversible Micro USB cable

Reversible Micro USB cable

Reversible Micro USB cable

Reversible Micro USB cable